Make-up Noni Smith

Noni Smith has a signature that is all her own. Her vision for makeup is sensual, fresh, immaculate and integral to the famous faces she works with. With countless fashion shows, extensive TV work, stand alone advertising campaigns for every major brand, 30 music videos and over 40 magazine covers to her credit, her experience is global, refined and usually A-list. Smith defines the challenge of her job as creating perfection under pressure:

“I began my training before photo-shop or the age of post production, so its ingrained in me to put the very best face every time on every job. The work I do now has the greatest visibility in the history of media. If it’s on HD TV then it must be immaculate to meet the scrutiny of the lens. If it’s a star on instagram, literally millions will be looking at that face. My hallmark is luminous glowing skin but also that something extra, a burst of colour or a subtle contour that makes beauty both modern and timeless.”

Smith’s breakthrough came with the haute glam pout of Anna Nicole Smith for Guess. Hollywood beckoned and forged her reputation as a star maker and exclusive go-to makeup artist for : Kylie Minogue, Toni Collette, Miranda Kerr, Naomi Watts, Delta Goodrem, Megan Gale, Emeli Sande, Jennifer Saunders and The Veronicas.

“If my work inspires loyalty over time that is a reflection of my focus and swift perception of the brief and the exacting needs of my clients. Nothing is more beautiful than a woman at the height of her confidence.”

Honed by close creative collaboration, Noni Smith is a supremely adaptable professional with a self confessed ‘hyper trained eye’. Such qualities remain critical in an industry where image is everything and great brands are built on the finest details.